Before being accepted to the university
(When you must enter Japan in order to take the entrance examination)

If you need to enter Japan for taking the entrance examination, please obtain a “Temporary Visitor (Tankitaizai) Visa,” giving the reason for entry as “To take an examination (Juken no tame)” at the Japanese diplomatic mission in your country.

After being accepted

Successful candidates need to apply for a “Student (Ryugaku) Visa,” for which you will need to provide the Certificate of Acceptance (Nyuugaku Kyokasho) issued by the university, or the Announcement of Success in the Entrance Examination (Goukaku Tsuuchisho). In addition, you will need to supply your passport and the other relevant documents to the Japanese diplomatic mission.
It is advisable to apply for the visa after having first obtained a Certificate of Eligibility (Zairyushikaku Nintei Shomeisho) from an Immigration Bureau in Japan if possible, since the Certificate allows the visa to be issued in a shorter duration than if you apply without one.
If you would like to request that Kyoto University apply for this certificate on your behalf, at the time of your acceptance please consult with your host professor or the administrative office of your faculty/graduate school.

If you already reside in Japan

If you are already in Japan and your residence status is something other than Student (Ryugaku)—e.g., Temporary Visitor (Tankitaizai)—at the time you apply for entrance to the university, once you are accepted, you must change your residence status to Student at the Immigration Bureau.