Kyoto University provides housing facilities specifically for international students and researchers; however, the number of units and tenancy periods are limited. Other options for housing are to stay at one of the university’s other dormitories, to find public housing, or, most commonly, to rent a privately owned apartment.
Students can visit the Kyoto University Co-op or a real estate agency to find a privately owned apartment. The university also encourages students to use the Internet and local rental agencies to find apartments.

Kyoto University international houses (housing for international students and researchers)

Kyoto University has five housing facilities specifically for international students and researchers located in Shugakuin, Yoshida, Uji, Ohbaku, and Misasagi (for students only). However, because the number of units is limited, these facilities are reserved for new students only, and students who have lived in Japan for a year or less. As a result, most students live in privately owned apartments. Residence in an international house is for either six months or one year, and applications are accepted twice per year through the administrative office of each faculty/graduate school. Please refer to the following website regarding rent and room type.

Housing Information

For finding a privately owned apartment, you search information on the real estate websites or visit real estate agencies. The consultations and apartment visits offered by the agencies are free of charge.
Generally, you are required to pay the following expenses upon signing the lease.

  • ・Agent commission(=Chukai tesuryo 仲介手数料)
  • ・Key money (=Reikin 礼金)
  • ・Deposit(= Shikikin 敷金)

The amount of the key money and the deposit is usually equal to a few months’ rent.
Also you are required to have a guarantor. You could use a guarantee company if you don’t have a guarantor.
Please expect having additional expenses because of most of rooms are not furnished.

Private Associated Residence

With the cooperation of the real estates, Kyoto University supports international students and researchers who enrolled at the university to secure housing.
Please contact directly to the real estate agents for details.
Please note that these residences are not managed by Kyoto University.

Housings By Organizarions

Public Housings