Kyoto University Clock Tower Centennial Hall Kyoto, Japan

June 22(Fri.)-23(Sat.), 2007


 The 9th Kyoto University International Symposium 2007

Integrating Global Environmental Studies towards Human Security



The theme of the 9th Kyoto University International Symposium 2007 is "Integrating Global Environmental Studies towards Human Security." This symposium aims to present selected pioneering innovations achieved through the education, research and practice of Kyoto University and its partner institutions. Human security is deeply dependent on environmental sustainability, for the attainment of which it is necessary to establish and develop global environmental studies combining the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities. The year 2007 coincides with the 10th anniversary of the Kyoto Protocol and the 5th anniversary of the establishment of the GSGES. This symposium, held at Kyoto University Clock Tower Centennial Hall, will be a landmark event to present and disseminate multi-disciplinary scholarship of human and environmental security.


Organized by:

Kyoto University

Coordinated by:

Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies (GSGES)
The Organization for the Promotion of International Relations (OPIR)

In collaboration with:

The Kyoto University Foundation (KUF) Field Science Education and Research Center (FSERC) Kyoto Sustainability Initiative (KSI)

Supported by:

Ministry of the Environment, Kyoto Pref., Kyoto City, Saijo City, Japan Association for Landscape Ecology, The Japanese Geotechnical Society, Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Society for Environmental Economics and Policy Studies, Benesse Corporation

Symposium Organizing Committee

(Chairman) Kazuo MATSUSHITA (GSGES, Kyoto University)


Toshinori TANAKA (GSGES, Kyoto University)
e-mail : FAX : +81-75-753-9187

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