Yoshida Campus, The Clock Tower

Generating world-class knowledge through academic freedom and autonomy

For over a century Kyoto University has cultivated a tradition of cutting-edge research, making the university a global center of innovation in science and technology and the humanities. We also have rich history of international academic exchange. Our Mission Statement includes the declaration that” as an international institution, Kyoto University will promote foreign academic exchange and thereby strive to contribute to the well-being of the world.” The Mission Statement was promulgated in 2001. By that time, however, the university had been practicing an open international policy for almost a century, having admitted its first international student in 1903, six years after its founding. 

Offering a range of programs for international students

As part of its continuing efforts to welcome international students and researchers, Kyoto University now offers a range of programs for international students. This guidebook is designed to provide general information on Kyoto University’s international degree programs. The courses are taught and assessed entirely in English, and admission and support services are also provided in English, making the university’s world-class facilities and teaching available to students with no Japanese language ability.


Diversify and broaden your horizons at Kyoto University

At Kyoto University, students take the initiative to pursue studies and research based on their own personal interests and concerns, while the university provides opportunities for them to diversify and broaden their horizons. Our students can meet, communicate with, and be inspired by many world-renowned researchers who have garnered international acclaim for their achievements on our campuses. By providing quality guidance and hands-on experience, we strive to create an environment in which students can flourish and excel on the international stage.