Message from the president

 I’m delighted to have this opportunity to introduce Kyoto University’s range of degree programs for international students. The programs in this brochure are taught and supported entirely in English, and aim to provide students and scholars throughout the world with the opportunity to enroll in a degree program of exceptional quality at a leading university in the heart of Japan.


 Kyoto City is affectionately referred to as the “heart and soul” of Japan, and it has long been the nation’s center of art, culture, and scholarship. Founded in 1897, Kyoto University’s academic culture owes much to the vibrant atmosphere and culture of the city itself. Since its founding, the university has emphasized the value of free and open-minded dialogue between its scholars, and encouraged in them a spirit of individuality and confidence in their own abilities. Such sentiments are reflected in the university’s motto of “Self-Reliance and Self-Respect” (in Japanese, 自重自敬 jich? jikei), a phrase that was coined by the university’s first president, Prof. Hiroji Kinoshita, and which he memorialized in a work of calligraphy which still hangs on the wall of the president’s office to this day.


 As with the city of Kyoto, where the ancient and modern are said to coexist in harmony, Kyoto University’s traditional academic philosophy is complimented by a progressive mindset and a hunger for invention and innovation. Our facilities and laboratories are state-of-the-art, providing students and researchers with the tools and hands-on experience they need for their full development, and providing the most fertile ground possible for new discoveries. Time and time again, the work of our researchers has been acknowledged by the international community in the form of its highest accolades, such as the Noble Prize and the Fields Medal. Kyoto University graduates routinely go on to make significant contributions to the world’s human and ecological community as major players in academia, politics, industry, and other key sectors of domestic and international society.


 The degree programs presented in this brochure make such opportunities to excel accessible to students and researchers from around the globe. Notwithstanding Kyoto University’s location in the heartland of traditional Japanese culture, our campuses have an open and cosmopolitan atmosphere. We maintain a comprehensive support system for international students and researchers to ensure that, in addition to providing the best possible facilities for their academic work, we also provide all of the assistance and resources needed to ensure a rich and fulfilling experience of university life. The programs offer a diverse cross-section of Kyoto University’s world-class curricula. As well as representing an opportunity for personal development and academic growth, they are an invitation to join us in our mission to contribute to the global community and work towards a better world. I am confident that students who enroll in these programs will enjoy an educational experience of the highest caliber, and I look forward to welcoming you to Kyoto when you embark on your academic journey.


March 2015 Juichi Yamagiwa President, Kyoto University

March 2015
Juichi Yamagiwa
President, Kyoto University