International Project Management Course

Enrollment: April
Enrollment Limit : 10
Degree : Professional Master’s (M.B.A)

Address : Graduate School of Management, Kyoto University, Yoshida-Honmachi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8501

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Course Description:

The International Project Management Course offers a comprehensive and thorough program that focuses on the projects of temporal cooperation between organizations (business teams) established in order to achieve a certain goal in projects. This course is to nurture international project management professionals who can combine the latest research in management and specialized business practices and who are ready to meet challenges and contribute to the diverse and harmonious development of society.
Students in the course shall obtain basic core competencies in economics, management and accounting and then, those will be combined with specialized and practical subjects such as policy evaluation, contract management, development management, project finance, risk management, disaster management, international mega project management, etc. as well as business writing and negotiation.
International internship placements and workshops are available.
Students of all nationalities are welcome. In the class taught in English, it is possible to stimulate each other by working together. This course will become a stronghold for internationalization in higher education and will help create leaders of the next generation in the world.

With Junior High School Students

Classroom for Cross Cultural Management


Dr. Kiyoshi Kobayashi

Professor of Infrastructure Economics and Management, Graduate School of Management and Graduate School of Engineering, Graduated from the Graduate School of Engineering of Kyoto University.

The Graduate School of Management is seeking motivated students who aspire to take leadership in a wide range of fields. By providing opportunities to gain hands-on project management experience utilizing Kyoto University’s unique and innovative world-class research resources, this program is a hub for global interaction in higher education. Our ultimate goal is to equip the leaders of the next generation with the skills necessary to take on the challenges of society’s modern day problems.
We welcome professional-minded students of all nationalities to join in this course.