Undergraduate International Course Program of Civil Engineering

Enrollment: April

Enrollment Limit: 30

Degree: Bachelor’s Degree

Address: Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto University, Yoshida-Honmachi, Sakyo-ku Kyoto 606-8501

Web site

URL : http://www.s-ge.t.kyoto-u.ac.jp/int/en/

Course Description:

This four-year international course in English leads to a Bachelor of Engineering degree from the Undergraduate School of Global Engineering. The course aims to cultivate human resources capable of designing and managing civil infrastructures while considering global environmental issues around urban and regional areas, particularly in Asian and African countries.
In the first and second years, students are required to take lectures in fundamental mathematics, physics and liberal arts.  Scientific English and basic Japanese lectures are also available. From the second year, specialized civil engineering lectures are given, including those on environmental engineering and earth resources, and energy science. For the first three years, all lectures are given at Yoshida Campus. In the fourth (final) year, students with sufficient credits may join a research group and relocate to Katsura or Uji Campuses. Each student will undertake research for their bachelor thesis at their designated laboratory. The thesis is presented and examined in February of the final year, in order to graduate in March.
Related courses: master’s courses in the Management of Civil Infrastructure, and Urban and
Regional Development in addition to a doctoral course in Human Security Engineering.


Interactive classes provided entirely in English for both International and Japanese students.


International Internship for 3rd-year students

Welcome Message:

Dr. Tomomi Yagi

Professor at the Laboratory of Structural Dynamics in the Department of Civil and Earth Resources Engineering at the Graduate School of Engineering.
His research interests oriented toward dynamic problems of structures, especially wind-induced vibration of structures.

The course will train the next generation of human resources who will design and manage civil infrastructure while considering global environmental issues and civil engineering problems on a global scale. We welcome students from all over the world whose interest is in development issues in their home countries, environmental issues and natural resource concerns in Asia and Africa. We want to instill a combined do-it-yourself and do-for-others approach in our program, and hope that students will discover and define personalized research paths.