Focusing on health risks, the symposium will examine the process by which the Japanese people have endeavored to restore their lives in the wake of the devastating earthquake, tsunami and nuclear power plant triple disaster which struck the Tohoku region of Japan on March 11, 2011. Combining the knowledge and expertise of two of the world’s leading research universities, Harvard University and Kyoto University, the symposium will examine the topic from the diverse academic perspectives of environmental engineering and public health. This multidisciplinary and multicultural approach is anticipated to provide an opportunity to develop innovative new strategies for post-disaster recovery. With subsequent major earthquakes currently considered an imminent threat, the symposium will also seek to explore the ways in which our combined knowledge and experience should be practically employed to mitigate the impact that such disasters have on people's lives.

Organized by
Kyoto University in collaboration with Harvard University
Supported by
The Association of Environmental & Sanitary Engineering Research, Kyoto University
Sponsored by
The Kyoto University Foundation
The Kansai Research Foundation for Technology Promotion

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August 2, 2012
The symposium was held successfully. Thank you for your support and paticipation.
July 20, 2012
Registration has been extended.(Registration Deadline: July 26, 2012)
June 4, 2012
Registration Now Open! (Registration Deadline: July 20, 2012)
June 4, 2012
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