10th APRU Doctoral Students Conference
Promoting Originality and Diversity in Research
July 6th (Mon) - 10th (Fri), 2009.
Clock Tower, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan.
Kyoto University

 General Information
Presentation Guide for 10th APRU DSC

Presentation in Paper Sessions
  • Time available
    • You have 15 minutes for your presentation and 5 minutes for questions and answers.
    • Please do not overrun your time.
  • Equipments/Tools prepared by the Committee
    • PCs for presentations
      • Basically we recommend you to use the PC prepared by the Committee so that a presenter can be smoothly switched to next presenter.
      • But you can use your own PC if there are any (technical) troubles such as compatibility issues between the prepared PC and your files.
      • If you will use the prepared PC, please copy your files (e.g. PowerPoint files, PDF files, movie files, etc.) to the PC and check its performance before your session start.
      • You can use the following applications on the prepared PC:
        • OpenOffice 3.1.0 or later version
        • PowerPoint Viewer 2007
        • Internet Explorer (You can connect the Internet by a wireless LAN.)
    • Laser pointers (we will not prepare indication sticks.)
    • Microphones
  • Notes
    • Many participants whose disciplines are totally different from yours will hear your presentation in APRU DSC. Keep in mind the followings:
      • Make your presentation content so that non-specialists for your discipline can understand the content.
      • Avoid technical terms or terms that non-specialists cannot understand as much as possible.
      • Specify/Define the meanings of the technical terms if you use them.
      • If you use a common term with an uncommon meaning, specify the meaning.
    • The first presenter will act as a chairperson in each session (for second presentation and after).

Presentation in Interactive Sessions
  • Date/Place of presentation
    • Your poster will have been pinned up on a poster board from July 8 to July 9.
    • The Committee preliminarily indicate the place where you should pin your poster.
  • Equipments/Tools prepared by the Committee
    • Poster boards with 210 cm (82 inches) long and 90 cm (35 inches) wide
      • Please print your poster content onto A0 paper. Or please divide your poster content into several boxes and print them onto smaller sheets of paper (e.g. A4 papers).
      • Use papers with portrait orientation (not landscape orientation) for your poster.
    • Pins for holding a poster
    • Desks and Power sources
      • We will not be able to arrange a round of desks and power sources. If you need a desk/power source for a demo or so on, please offer to use it.
  • Notes
    • Make/Bring your poster by yourself.
    • The committee preliminarily indicates which board each presenter should use for pinning his/her poster.
    • Be in front of your poster at least 1 hour during the session that you are allocated. At any other time, you can leave your poster and visit other presenters' poster.